Dr Birajit Kalita

I have received the item this morning approximately at 11.30 AM. I am profusely satisfied with the item received. Its "absolutely perfect". And thanks to You guys for I will be highly appreciated. Thank You so much for acknowledging my request to send the product at such a quick pace. It reached me very soon than i expected and asked for. i would also like to mention this that I am really amazed for the very first time from online shopping, and i am a online shopping addict. I will always have high regards for the flawless service i received from you, such as; design approval via email, quick fabrication, instant shipping, and most of all acknowledgement of the importance of customer request. I will definitely spread the word eagerly as much as i can, and you can count on that. I will also be looking forward myself for your service in the near future many-a-times.